Company Services


We are dedicated to excellence by obtaining construction permits quickly and efficiently and delivering our best quality engineered design to our clients.  Our goal is to provide civil engineering services throughout the land development process and assist our clients with making decisions that could impact their property rights.  Our civil engineering services offered in land development include:


¨     Feasibility Analysis

¨     Zoning and Land Use Amendments

¨     Planning

¨     Conceptual Site Plans

¨     Master Plans

¨     Preliminary Subdivision Plans

¨     Stormwater Analysis and Design

¨     Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems Analysis and Design

¨     Site Grading and Pavement Design

¨     Permitting Services

¨     FEMA Permitting Services

¨     Concurrency and Impact Fee Services

¨     Eminent Domain Services

¨     Construction Administration Services


 For further information, contact one of the principals in the “contact us” section.